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As I mentioned a while back, Eric Estlund at Winter Bicycles sent me two saddles to recover for his 2013 NAHBS show bikes. Last week I got a few cell phone shots from some attendees of one of the saddles, but not full bike shot. Today Eric posted this link on his Facebook page with an excellent picture of take on a lugged Japanese Keirin bike. There is also an excellent closeup of the saddle in the gallery. The other saddle I sent along did not make it to the show but I am assured that it is being put to good use by Eric himself.

To top it off, one of the article commenters mentioned the saddles and the website! Very nice to see that organic growth of the business in our little cycling community.

I was proud to be a small part of Eric’s bikes and look forward to doing more work for him and his customers in the future.

Winter Bicycles NAHBS 1


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