Red Turbomatic for Evan

Evan found me on the Velocipede Salon forums and emailed me about his Turbomatic 2. This was the first one I had been requested so it was intriguing. The saddle arrived and it had several plastic pieces on the rear and nose. During the removal of the nose piece I realized that the plastic was not only old, but very brittle. I said a prayer to Eddy Merckx and was able to get it removed without breaking. When the time came to reinstall it, I said another prayer and it managed to get it back on safely.  Phew.

During the recovery process, Evan mentioned that he had a custom ti gravel bike being built by Steve Potts. Fast forward about 15 months and Evan emailed me again to tell me how much he loves his saddle. Esp. since it matches his bar tape so well.

Hey Evan, you promised me some pics of the saddle on the bike!
I never sent those to you?
Here you go then. I hope you like it.

Needless to say, I like it. And Evan rides some nice “roads” in Petaluma, CA.

Dons ti Potts 2

Dons ti Potts 1

Dons ti Potts 4

Dons ti Potts 3

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