New black leather now in stock and International orders

The experiment with the new black leather was a success. Thanks to all those who sent in saddles and allowed me to practice on them. As a result, I am now stocking this black leather full time. I am working on other colors, but I need the demand to come up a bit before it justifies the cost outlay. The color I’m considering next is called “fine cigar”. You can see it on Ray, the owner, is my leather supplier. If I can get maybe five more requests for “fine cigar”, then I’ll pull the trigger on it.

Also in the last few weeks I have received saddles from Greece, Denmark and Japan. So this little business is stretching it’s legs a bit. Thanks again to everyone who has ordered and spread the word.

And coming soon, a special offer for everyone. If you like matching leather saddles and bar wrap, then stay tuned.

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