New black leather and a call for help

A few more out the door this week. A Selle Italia SLR and another Titanio, both in white vinyl and a pair of Avocet’s in white leather. Now I’m fresh out, so now would be a good time to send something in. I could get to it super quick.

I am now at a point with this little venture where I need to standardize my materials. I have talked a lot with a guy who makes leather bar tape. He has graciously offered to supply me leather at his cost. We have looked at samples and I have decided on a specific grade of leather that will exactly match what he offers. I need to place an order but the minimum is 25-28 sq feet. This is not an insignificant dollar amount. If I could be assured of at least a few orders, I’ll place the order. This leather is some of the best quality that can be found in the US and I guarantee it will turn out great. The future pricing for a saddle in this material will be significantly more, so now is the time to act. As an added bonus, you can order some bar tape in identical leather to your saddle, if you want to roll that way. So what do you say? Anyone want a saddle recovered in fine black leather?

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