Len J’s red leather

Len J has been one of my imaginary internet friends for a long time. He has impeccable taste in bikes and always been generous with advice on any number of subjects. He even reviewed and edited my resume when I got laid off in 2008. Just an all around great guy.

I was pleasantly surprised when he emailed me one day last year to talk about doing a saddle for his new Serotta travel bike.

I’d like a red leather saddle.
I don’t stock red leather just yet.
What if I did two saddles?
If you did two saddles and two sets of bar tape, I’ll do it.
Let’s do it.

And so we did it. Wow. Just wow.

Leather Bike Seat & Wrap-8020-3

Leather Bike Seat & Wrap-8038-11

Leather Bike Seat & Wrap-8053-14

Leather Bike Seat & Wrap-8067-19

Leather Bike Seat & Wrap-8113-31

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