Five saddles for Rob

One of my imaginary internet friends that found me via The Paceline Forum has a thing for bikes. He loves to find great pre-owned frames, fix them up and source the parts from fellow forum members for the build. Over the last year or so Robert has sent me 5 saddles, usually Flites and SLR’s, to do for these bikes. So I have done them. When I send them back, he posts lots of pics of them on the forum and always gives me a nice shout-out. Then he emails me and we talk about his next project and what to do with the saddle. He’s pretty much got a permanent spot in my order queue. He’s a great guy and a great customer.

Selle Italia SLR on custom Ti Spectrum

Rob M Spectrum 2 Rob M Spectrum 1

Another SLR on a Pegoretti
Rob M Peg 2 Rob M Peg 3

Selle Italia Flite on a Cannondale

Rob M Cdale 2

Rob M Cdale 1

Another Flite on a refurbished Mondonico

Rob M Mondonico 1 Rob M Mondonico 2

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