Saddle FAQ

What material do I use to cover a saddle?

My material of choice is a premium leather that is supplied by Ray at This leather extremely high quality, works well, is highly durable and an exact match to the bar tape Ray offers.

As of Jan 2016, I am offering faux leather in white only.

Can I use your material?

You can ask, but probably not.

Where does my material come from?

I take pride in using US materials and using US based partners where ever possible. Leather comes from US cows and US tanneries. Contact cement is manufactured in the US. I do all work at my shop in Texas. I use photographers and graphic designers who live in my neighborhood. Leather conditioner and cleaner is manufactured by Leather Milk down the road in Ft. Worth.  I believe in keeping things as local as possible.

What colors do I have?

In the HandleBra leather, I currently stock black, auburn, red, orange and gray.

In faux leather, I have white.

Do I have access to other colors of leather?

Of course. If you can meet certain minimum order quantities, there are multiple options available.

What saddles have I done?

I’ve done multiple saddle models from every major saddle manufacturer, past and present. If a saddle has been produced, I have probably worked on it or something like it.

How many saddles have I recovered?

400+ and counting

Are there any saddles or work I won’t do?

Saddles with additional features, such as gel inserts and rivets, are very problematic and require a lot of extra work to put right. So there will be an upcharge for these. But I might still say no.

I am also unable to work on Brooks saddles or make any structural repairs to the rails or base. Regal and Regale saddles are also out, as are SMP’s.

How much will it cost?

Please see the Pricing & Payments page for details.

If you are a custom frame builder and would like to offer our services to your customers, please contact me and we can discuss what Ray and I can do for you.

What payment types do I take?

Please see the Pricing & Payments page for details.

How long will it take?

The answer to this is “it depends on how many are in the queue”. I do my best to get multiple saddles done per week.  But, because of various factors, it’s usually 2-3 month lead time. It’s always good to have a backup saddle if you can’t wait. You know the drill. Also I am a one-man shop so sometimes life takes precedence.

How do you get a saddle recovered?

Send me an email with a few pics of your saddle and we’ll chat. If you want to move forward, I’ll send you an order form and an address to send everything too.


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