Glove Care FAQ

Cuero Gloves do not need a large amount of care. They are made to be worn and are very durable. If they are sweaty or wet, just lay them flat to dry and ride them when you are ready. They might feel a bit stiff after drying but they will loosen up after just a few minutes wearing them. If they are really sweaty, then leave the gloves on and rinse your hands in warm water to remove the excess salt build up. Removing the salt from sweat will prolong the life of your gloves. If you REALLY want to help them, then read on.

What is #1 Leather Liniment?

Leather Care Liniment is a water-based leather conditioner that works best on finished leather. Leather Care Liniment absorbs easily and deeply into the pores of your leather rejuvenating the leather with a mixture of natural oils and conditioners without leaving a messy residue. #1 Leather Care Liniment is a 95% conditioner and 5% cleaner. The recipe works splendidly at cleaning the surface of your leather. This is usually all that is needed for regular leather upkeep.

How to use #1 Leather Liniment

1. Make sure your gloves are dry.
2. Wipe the surface dirt off of your gloves.
3. Apply #1 Leather Liniment in THIN, EVEN layers across the entire surface of your gloves with the applicator pad or a clean cotton cloth. Apply additional layers as needed. Applying the conditioner in this way reduces the risk of over-conditioning and makes sure any change in color is uniform.

What is #2 Straight Cleaner

#2 Straight Cleaner is for those times you want to give your leather a more thorough cleaning or when you need to lift a stain that has set into the leather fiber. You don’t need to use Straight Cleaner every time you condition your leather item. Most of the time a surface cleaning with Leather Care Liniment is all you need.

How to use #2 Straight Cleaner

1. Make sure your gloves are dry.
2. Apply #2 Straight Cleaner generously into your gloves with the applicator pad or a clean cotton cloth and rub it in gently. Allow the leather to fully soak it in and wait for it to dry.
3. Follow up with #1 Leather Liniment conditioner.

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