Custom one-piece saddle and post for John H.

A while back John emailed me with an intriguing request.  John had a custom one-piece saddle and post made for him by Berk (need URL). It was just a carbon shell and he needed some padding and a new leather cover.  The saddle had a very similar shape to a Fizik Antares so I said let’s do it.  I got the saddle in and did the work and sent it back. It is a super slick piece of kit and a super fun project.

Fast foward a year or so to late last week and John emailed me again.  His email simply stated “After almost a year my new Crumpton Type 5 is done.”  The one-piece Berk is sitting nicely in it’s place and looks fantastic on this Crumpton.  So nice.

John H Crumpton finished

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