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Eric M. Spectrum

About 6 months into this business I started getting requests for leather saddle covers to match bar tape from Handlbra. I called Ray and we set about finding a suitable leather for me to use. We ultimately ended up with the leather I am using now. The only I issue I had was that the minimums on leather were higher, and more expensive, than the faux I was using. So I needed a customer willing to try it out. Ray and I put an offer on The Paceline to generate some interest.

Enter Eric and his SLR. He was willing to give it a try as he had a ti project underway. We talked on the phone a bit and he sent the saddle in. The SLR was in good shape and the cover went on without issue. The leather on his SLR turned out great and Eric loved it. The custom ti Spectrum from Tom Kellogg is fantastic. The leather SLR and bar tape are a perfect compliment.

Thanks Eric!

Moberg Spectrum

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